Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun School

Training course for those who want to test and verify their knowledge through theoretical and practical exams.


Wing Chun Instructors

Training course for those who aspire to teach Wing Chun Kung Fu at their own Center.



Wing Chun for Women

Wing Chun Kung Fu was developed by a woman and has been designed to implement the best defense for women.
Obviously Wing Chun Kung Fu is also very suitable for men.

A physical theory says: “Force is equal to mass for the acceleration” (F = MxA).
A thin constitution (small mass), if properly trained, is able to obtain large accelerations then is able to give off considerable force.

Wing Chun for Women

Wing Chun is able to provide huge strength even to a slim body.

Il Wing Chun usa pugni e calci veloci coordinati da posizioni agili per un rapido avanzamento. Chiamata anche Arte del Contrattacco, non lascia spazio di azione all’aggressore rendendolo inoffensivo in modo estremamente efficace e definitivo mediante l’utilizzo di un numero limitato di tecniche.

Wing Chun requires precision and accuracy in body movement.

Authorized Kwoon in Switzerland

Kwook Centro MUSHINKAN – Wing Chun Xuè Xiào

Instructor Sifu Alberto Marletta

Address Via Vincenzo D’Alberti 1 6830 CHIASSO

Phone +41 (0) 76 422 95 59


Sito web


Wing Chun Kung Fu registration course

To be enrolled in the courses you need fill out a form with your personal data. You must also be in compliance with the subscription fee chosen.

What about after the registration?

Student who will attend “Wing Chun SCHOOL”, will be receive a login (name and password) to gain access to the Wing Chun Xué Xiào website.

Student must provide a photo passport for his sport passport where various information such as promotions, participation in practical and theoretical seminars will be marked.

Student who chooses a subscription (monthly, quarterly or seasonal) is entitled to attend all the lectures that will be held during the week.

Wing Chun Kung Fu uniform

Practitioner will have to wear the white tshirt of the SKWCMAA association, long blacks pants, dark socks, sneakers reading clean dark to be used only during the Kwoon lessons. Wear necklaces, rings or other objects that could harm the other students is not allowed.

What about Wing Chun Kung Fu Lessons?

Student will follow theoretical and practical lectures regarding the Traditional Wing Chun as well as re-proposed by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok disciple of both sons of the Great Grandmaster Ip Man (Grandmaster Ip Chun and Ip Ching Grandmaster).
Practical lessons include muscles tone improvement using various equipment.
Practice of traditional forms of Shaolin Qi Gong is also required.

Wing Chun Kung Fu & Competition

Wing Chun Kung Fu is pure Martial Art with no competitions.
Main Wing Chun Kung Fu purpose is care and psycho-physical well-being of its practitioners.
Moreover, this art is by far the best self-defense system.
During Kwoon classes, sparring sessions are helded with one or more opponents.

What about Wing Chun Kung Fu exams?

Exams are not mandatory.
Degreee testifies effective learning techniques and theories of Traditional Wing Chun.
Level student is recognized by the color of a belt and white stripes (one to four).